Tuesday, February 18, 2014

That Cheap Eyeshadow

You know that favorite lipgloss, nail polish or even that hair product that you've used for years? The ONE that looked best on you and then suddenly, one day you discover it's gone??? 

Oh my gosh! It's happened to me so many times. I think companies have a vendetta against my buying habits. How could that be? I'm a LOYAL customer!!! 

I've even had a certain perfume discontinued that was my signature fragrance! Then POOF, out of the blue...no longer available!

Well, it happened again! This time it was my favorite eyeshadow. I have bought this palette for years at my local Walgreens. Yes, WALGREENS! My favorite place to browse for hours. (That's another blog)

You can tell which shade is my favorite here. I've gotten every ounce of that third color. I've even broken the lid and lost the applicator. That third color is the one I use right under my eyebrow. It's the perfect color to brighten my eyes. 

Ok, let's be real here.... It actually makes my eyelids look less droopy and that my 40 something friends, is a good thing!

I've tried to replace this color with several other expensive brands but nothing ever worked.

I HAD TO FIND that cheap palette from Walgreens, darn it!

Thank goodness I could still barely read the back label enough to get the brand and the color code.

Finally, I used my noggin and googled it! 
I'll be darned! There it was! A website where I could order as many I as I wished! HA!

And so, I order multiples and guess what? I order an extra for one lucky person! Yep, someone else is going to enjoy a brand spankin' new Prestige Eyeshadow Palette called " FCE-01 Earthling".

To enter yourself, just comment what you too have NOT been able to replace because of it being discontinued. Oh the frustrations!!! I know they are endless!!! :)

The winner will be chosen and announced Thursday evening - 2/20/14.

Sharing the Love and the Eyeshadow,

Amy K

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Aloha pt. 2 ~ A Birthday and the Road to Hana and Beyond

July 21, 2013 - Bill's 49th birthday and all he wanted was a day with the family, making memories and that's just what he got.

We headed to a little cafe in Kihei (in Maui) that was busy and full. We thought surely this was the best sign of a great breakfast. I'm not gonna lie...the food was wonderful but the service and welcome....not so much! 

We soon overlooked the rudeness when our plates arrived. Now I'm drooling and can't wait to dive my fork into my son's pancakes.

And this son's breakfast burrito...oh yea!!!

Or how about these biscuits and gravy? I'm totally in love! (burp)

You see, I order the 'healthy' Egg & Veggie Bowl, but take nibbles off everyone else's plates. That way, I don't feel so guilty. If I didn't order it, it doesn't count! (don't tell me it doesn't work like that)

Then we set out on our journey....the 'back road' to Hana. 

Hana is a small town that is quite challenging to get to. You can take the "road most traveled", or you can take the road that is "most treacherous" but shaves an hour off the time which is generally 3 or more hours. 

We chose the shorter, more interesting route and all of Bill's wishes came true. Here's some pictures to prove the journey and let's just say, I'm glad I packed our Life Savers.

You see, the back road is bumpy and narrow!

and there are sharp, hilly turns

and limited sight. 

and I mean, very limited sight!

But at any given moment, you get this in your sight.
(beautiful huh?)

And the view gets beyond intimidating! ("don't look down, don't look down!", I say to myself.)

And all of the sudden you're here with two additional vehicles wondering how to get around each other on a one lane road. (it get's tricky and you quickly recall the game of Chinese puzzles - trying to maneuver each car around making sure they fit...and stay on the road)

And you'll get plenty of helpful notes like this one.

and this one. They mean business or else.....

Or else you don't stop quick enough to avoid a collision.

and thus falling down here. (Things in this picture are scarier than they appear.)

But man, the view sucks you in and you keep going. (Not that you really have a choice anyway. There are NO u-turns available.)

And after a good hour or more of terrifying, nail biting, pee your pants kinda ride...you get back on a smooth paved road. 

It's still winding, but it's paved and that's progress!!! Real peace I tell ya!

And so, taking the "back road to Hana" brings you to the Haleakala National Park. And it's a good thing. It's the reason we decided to take on this day. It's the pay-off for this death defying journey.

We got out, stretched, took a deep sigh of relief and set out on a 2 mile hike to what is also know as the "seven pools".

Along the way you see breath taking falls.

And you walk through the most amazing rows of bamboo. 

I've never seen anything like this before. Tall thick stalks of bamboo. When the wind blows through they gently knock and clink together making this peaceful sound.

And from a distance, after hiking 2 miles you can catch a glimpse of a tall waterfall.

Get a little closer and you can hear the rush of the water.

Get even closer and you can feel the mist of the fall like a refreshing shower after a long, hot walk. This was our reward. We didn't want to leave and hike back. We just wanted to take it all in. 

We continued and got back on the road to Hana. Once we passed through Hana, we were on the road people normally take. It was long. It has 600 sharp turns and 59 one-way bridges. It took forever. We were all nauseous to say the least. (and we had no snacks...and the Life Savers were long gone.)

You can buy t-shirts that say "I survived the Road to Hana". But I think there needs to be a t-shirt that says "I survived the 'Back Road' to Hana." 

It was fun and it was exactly what Bill wanted. We have memories of all 5 of us screaming, hiking and laughing together. We ended the day at a great pizza place.....a very happy birthday!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Aloha Shopping


I love finding different things while away.
In Hawaii, you can find all sorts of different things.
Y'all know I have a habit of collecting kitchen towels. 
I have so many it's ridiculous. So, now I buy for my friends.

I'm passing this Hula girl, flour sack towel on to someone today....a little token reminder of the Hawaiian spirit. Isn't she beautiful? The polynesian women are gorgeous inside and out!

To enter, all you have do is leave a comment at the bottom here. Have you ever been to Hawaii? Have you ever hulaed before? (I have and I can promise you is wasn't pretty) Are you obsessed with cute kitchen towels? I just like to know I'm in good company! :)

Since I'm on Hawaii time (5 hours behind Texas), I'll announce the winner on Sunday, July 28th.

Happy Saturday and Mahalo!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Aloha pt. 1

If one goes to Hawaii, one must post their incredible pictures because the truth is, there's no bad day in Hawaii.

This is our family vacation. This is a dream vacation. I've been to Hawaii several times in my life and I never take it for granted. 

It's absolutely magical. 
It's paradise. 
It's one of my very favorite places to rest and be inspired.

from Maui....

Seriously, God lives here!!! My heart is full and thankful!

The kids began with scuba lessons.

They are much braver than their momma who hung up her hot pink diving gear years ago.

Their father on the other hand is an expert! He's a my brave Hawaiian hero! :)

This is their awesome scuba instructor, Jerry! He takes all kinds of celebrities diving like Adam Sandler, Steven Tyler and Dog the Bounty Hunter. If you ever want to go with an instructor, Jerry is the man!

We ventured on the road to Hana. We've heard lots about it. It's suppose to be a long, grueling drive that people "survive". We weren't up for that just yet, so we stopped a great place to hike called Twin Falls.

Anything that begins with a farm stand is my kinda place. 

But first, a pit stop! 

(the expression says it all!)

Anyway, back to the trail. 

1 mile to a mystery destination.

Along the way there's beautiful scenery like Hawaiian flowers.

A cave that makes you curious to crawl into. (but we chickened out)

Finally, you come upon large rocks with a stream.

Here's the deciding factor. Do you just run across in your running shoes like my oldest who is a gazelle and can walk on water? What a talented kid I have!

Or do you just give in and go IN the water with your running shoes like Bill who is NOT the most coordinated person in the world? (he knows his limitations) 

Or, do you play it safe and remove your running shoes to go barefooted like my daughter and I?

I'm here to tell you that is NOT smart! The pain of each step is NOT worth saving your already dirty running shoes. 

Slowly and gingerly I made it to the end where plenty of people ahead of me were enjoying the refreshing water. 

It was beautiful and definitely worth the journey. Just wear water shoes, running shoes, flip flops...anything to save your bare feet!

More great advice and pictures from Hawaii to follow later! :)